A LSG is a non-formal workshop where youngsters have the chance to understand more about Social Innovation (SI) and Social Entrepreneurship. They can be inspired by others’ stories, gain new competences, share their ideas and suggest their solutions to jointly identified social needs.

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Presentation of the Catalogue of Best Practices

This was the final meeting of the #SI4SI project organized in Athens by the hosting Partner INTERALIA. During the evening a conference has been scheduled to present and share the catalog of the best practices that is the main result of the project activities made by all the Partners in their countries. During the last 18th months, each partners organized in their local context four Workshops (LSGs) to identify some best practices to be shared and included in the final catalog. We are proud to accomplished all the objectives of this project.

Trasnational meeting in Warsaw to discuss proposals for the catalogue of best practices!


Trasnational meeting in Warsaw to discuss proposals for the catalogue of best practices! #si4si in its best. Creativity and reflection is on!

Sharing experiences and discuss in depth relevant issues concerning the implementation of LSGs;


Together again! The second meeting to evaluate the Local Support Groups just started! With Jovesolides España, Demostene Centro Studi per la promozione dello Sviluppo Umano, Up2Europe, Fundacja Autokreacja, Inter Alia, Kairos Europe Ltd

Short-term Joint Staff Training Event: London, UK – October 15-20, 2017

During this 5-days long meeting the youth workers from participant organizations discussed and agreed on a common working framework to realize in the respective countries the coming Local Support Groups. The key terms of social innovation, as well as the working methodology, were collectively defined.

This was an occasion for the innovation managers to inspire each others. For consultants, experts and project managers to be personally involved in project development process is really valuable and necessary in terms of networking opportunities and experiences exchanging. In London we brought the right people together, and serendipity and personal initiative took care of the rest.

Kick-off Meeting in Lecce, Italy - September 18-20, 2017

Partner organizations signed the Partnership Agreement, appointed the Steering and Quality Committees, and approved the Handbook for Project Management and Implementation.